green screen spill suppression in hair

EZ Green Screen

  • Green Screen and Blue Screen
  • Photoshop plugin for CS5 - CC 2020
  • Non-destructive layered extractions
  • Batch processing system included
  • Great for volume school and sports



World's Best Green Screen Photo Software

Tired of Bad Extractions?

Don't let prior bad experiences with green screen hold you back. Maybe you are just using the wrong software!

When it comes to green screen software, not all are created equally. There are HUGE differences in extraction results between different programs.

EZ Green Screen gives some of the easiest and best extractions you can get. Do your own testing! Download the trial version and compare EZ Green Screen to ANY software on the market.

Detailed Transparency Masks

Compare EZ Green Screen's masks to ANY software! The optional Dual mask processing will create the best masks you can get anywhere. Using dual mask is simple too. Just make a quick selection around the hair before running EZ Green Screen. The software then treats this are differently than than the rest of the image. The area inside the selection is processed to have nice, feathered edges. The area outside the hair is processed to have cleaner, crisper edges.

EZ Green Screen extraction example

The BEST Green Spill Suppression

Even the best transparency masks are worthless without good spill correction! Think about it.......... What would your customer think about the quality of your work if they had green fringing in their hair?

When it comes to Chroma Key software, not all spill correction is created equally. This is by far the most difficult part of creating a chroma key program. It is where the rubber meets the road........... It is what separates the men from the boys!

Do your own comparison! Compare our green spill suppression to ANY software in ANY price range. Get our free download of EZ Green Screen and make your own determination.

Does the spill correction in your chroma key software cause color shifting in clothes? With EZ Green Screen, we've got you covered on this one too! Almost all colors can be shifted back with a quick slider adjustment. Even some "green on green" situations can be corrected right inside of EGS. For the most difficult green on green situations, you can simply brush off the spill correction in Photoshop. This is possible because of the non-destructive processing method that our software uses.

green screen spill suppression in hair

Simple Green Clothing Recovery

EZ Green Screen has several methods to recover green clothing quickly and easily. Because EZ Green Screen works with non-destructive Photoshop layers, all of the image detail is still available in the layers, even after extraction. The EZ green Screen HTML panel has quick recobvery methods.


green screen extraction with green jersey

Yellow Clothing - No Problem!

Eliminate yellow color shifting FOREVER!!!!!

The plugin gives you precise control over the range of colors that are targeted by the spill correction. If you turn down the setting called "Spill Color Range Warms" then you will eliminate color shifting in yellow. Also, in dual mask mode, the spill color range setting has independent controls for both mask regions. Dual mask mode gives you perfect spill correction every time without needing to adjust ANYTHING.

green screen extraction with yellow shirt

Dual Mask Processing

EZ Green Screen is the ONLY chroma key photography software that has a dual mask feature.

The software can apply different processing to 2 different mask regions. This is optional for the user. By using Dual Mask, you can get some terrific masks.

To use it, just make a quick lasso around the hair or any other area that is semi transparent. Do this in Photoshop prior to running the plugin. The software will then process the selected area for softer edges. It will process the area outside the selection for harder edges.

EZ Green Screen dual mask processing example

Add Digital Backdrops in EZ Green Screen

With EZ Green Screen you have 2 choices for adding digital backgrounds. You can add the background in Photoshop after extracting the image. You can also add the background directly inside of the EZ Green Screen user interface.

When adding the background directly indie of the software interface, there are some advantages. First, EZ Green Screen will automatically calculated and resize the background so it matches the foreground. This is done as a non-destructive smart layer. You can change the background it will auto size every time so you can easily try different backgrounds in a non-destructive manner.

You can also adjust the lighting independently for both the foreground and backgrounds. The lighting adjustments are done non-destructively in adjustments layers.

green screen composite image

Non-Destructive Processing using Photoshop Layers

The original image is untouched by EZ Green Screen! No data is changed, no data is lost!

Everything is done in Photoshop's layer masks and blending layers. If you don't like messing around with layers in Photoshop then you can just merge all of the layers. You don't need to complicate it.

If you are a Photoshop power user then this plugin is for you! You have all of the Photoshop adjustment layers and masks to tweak. We give you the layers! Our software doesn't limit editing options by merging everything into one layer.

EZ Green Screen Photoshop Layers

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