Green on Green Recovery System

Green clothing recovery using the 6.5 Panel

Simplest and best method: The method shown in this video works for almost any green (or blue) recovery situation. This method requires CC 2018.1 or higher because prior Photoshop version don't suypport the EZ GReen Screen 6.5 HTML panel. This is the recommended green recovery method for most situation. However, in certain situations if there is enough color difference between the green clothing and the green screen you can do images quicker in a semi-batch processing mode shown in the videos below this tutorial video.

Method for CS5 or higher (also sometimes faster): For Photoshop versions lower than CC 2018.1, you will need to use the method in the viedos below. This methos can also be used with CC 2018 or higher as well. This method works for many greewn on green situation but work work if the hue is too close between the screen and clothing. In that case, you wold need to use the method shown in the first video with the HTML panel. The method below can be faster if you need to run a batch of images, if the particular colors work for this method.

Green Recovery Quick Demo

Green Recovery Workflow - Getting Started

Green Recovery - Detailed explanation of adjustments

Green on Green Recovery - Example 1

Green on Green Batch Processing Workflow

Pausing The Batch Processor To Make Touch Ups

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