EZ Green Screen Software UI

EZ Green Screen Software Interface Overview

If your image doesn't need any adjustments and you don't want to add a background in EZ green Screen the you can just press the "Apply" button. This will finalize the extraction and export the image into Photoshop. The image will be exported using the output layer options that are selected (you can change the default in the preferences). If you want to make adjustments to the extraction or add a background then you can do this using the different software interface menus. Each colored buttons take you to a different software menu where you can make adjustments. Every menu will have a green button that says "Return to Main Menu". This button will take you back to the main menu.

1 - Manage Presets: This is where you save or delete presets. Presets will store all of the extraction settings. It does NOT store composition settings.

2 - Preset Dropdown: This is where you select a stored preset. When you select a preset it will apply the extraction settings. Note: Composition settings are NOT part of the preset.

3 - Reset Settings: This will apply the default extraction settings to the image.

4 - Key / Mask Settings: This will take you to a new menu where you can adjust the settings that are used to create the transparency mask.

5 - Spill Correction: This will take you to a new menu where you can adjust the spill correction settings.

6 - Edge Hair Coloring: This menu is available ONLY in dual mask extraction mode. This will allow you to fine tune the edge hair brightness and color. This is especially useful to fine tune the foreground blending into a new background. Often, extracted image will blend differently depending on the new background color, especially in the hair. With the edge hair coloring menu, you can easily get perfect hair blending into any background.

7 - Keep or Remove Areas: In this menu you can manually define areas to add to the foreground or background. Additionally, you can also define area to remove spill correction. This is where you recover green areas.

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