Spill Correction for Yellow Clothing

Green spill with a yelllow shirt

For a green screen extraction, it is very simple to correct color shift when the person has yellow clothing. Simply turn down the "Spill Color Range Warms" setting. A value of 45 or 50 is usually low enough to not effect the yellow clothing color.

Usually, a value of 45 or 50 will work well for the entire image. However, if the person has blonde or light brown hair then the spill correction usually works best with the Spill Color Range Warms set a little higher. This is the reason the default value is 75. In the case where you want the spill color range higher for the hair, run EZ green Screen in dual mask mode. The hair region and non hair region will then each have there own Spill Color range warm setting. the defaults are 75 for the hair region and 45 for the non hair region. The almost always work perfectly without needing adjusted. however, you can fine tune if needed.

In the preferences, you can also set the default spill color range values for both single mask and dual mask. By doing this, it will use your preferred settings at start up.

You can also manually remove spill for any area in the Keep or Remove Areas menu.

Spill Color Range Warms for Single Mask

Spill Color Range Warms for Dual Mask

Manually Remove Spill Correction in Area

Blonde Hair with Yellow Shirt Dual Mask

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