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Plugin Downloads

CC 2018 Update: Latest releases are 100% compatible. Download update below.

You can upgrade any of you programs with the following links. This page contains the latest version to all of our software. If you don't have a license key, then the downloads will operate in trial mode with a watermark grid.

Plugin Version Compatibility Download Webpage Link
EZ Green Screen 6 6.2.0 CS5 or higher Download More Info
Sports Photo Automation 6.2.0 CS5 or higher Download More Info
Backdrop Creator 3.3.4 CS5 or higher Download More Info

Upgrade Notice

EZ green Screen 6 has free upgrades from all prior versions. Depending on your prior version, it will run in either Pro mode or Studio mode. Use your license key from your prior version of EZ Green Screen to activate EZ Green Screen 6.

EZ Green Screen Studio 6: This is a free upgrade for EZ Green Screen 5 users. It includes the new batch processing system and green clothing recovery system.

EZ Green Screen Pro 6: This is a free upgrade for EZ Green Screen license prior to version 5. It includes the EZ green Screen program without the batch processing system and without the green clothing recovery system. The pro version is still better and more advanced than versions 4 or prior and contains the latest compatibiliy fixes and algorithm updates.

Chroma Key Lab 6: This is a free upgrade for all prior Chroma Key Lab licenses.

Prior Versions

If you need a download for either versions 3, 4 or 5 then contact us and we can send you a download link. However, please know that we are no longer making updates to the older versions, which is why we upgraded all of the license key to work with version 6.