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Plugin Downloads

CC 2018 Update: Latest releases are 100% compatible. Download update below.

You can upgrade any of you programs with the following links. This page contains the latest version to all of our software. If you don't have a license key, then the downloads will operate in trial mode with a watermark grid.

Plugin Version Compatibility Download Webpage Link
EZ Green Screen 5 5.3.4 CS5 or higher Download More Info
Chroma Key Lab 2 2.2.0 CS5 or higher Download More Info
Backdrop Creator 3.3.2 CS5 or higher Download More Info
EZ Green Screen 4 4.5.4 CS3 or higher Download N/A (old version)
Chroma Key Lab 1 1.2.5 CS3 or higher Download N/A (old version)

Upgrade Policy

All programs have free lifetime upgrades for the version that you purchased. For example, if you purchase EZ Green Screen 5, then you will get any new upgrades for EZ Green Screen version 5. When you see a new release then you can download it on the website.

Upgrades to a new program version are not free, however. They will be offered at an upgrade discount. If you purchase EZ Green Screen 5 as an example, there would be a cost to upgrade to version 6. Our typical release schedule is 18-24 months between new software versions.

Note: If you choose to not upgrade then your prior version will still work normally.

Are versions are labeled with 3 numbers. The first number is the version. The second number represents any new features to that version. The third number represents any bugs fixes. If you purchase EZ green Screen 5 then you can download 5.01, 5.02, 5.10, 5.11, 5.2.0, etc.

EZ Green Screen Version 3 Notice:
Version 3 is compatible with CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. It has compatibility issues with Photoshop CC. We opted to not modify this version for CC. Instead, we upgraded all version 3 license holders to version 4. Version 3 users can use their keys for version 4 if they wish too. Version 4 is compatible with all Photoshop version CS3 or higher, including CC 2015.