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EZ Green Screen Studio – Tutorial Library

EZ Green Screen install tutorial thumbnail

EZ Green Screen Install

Need help with installation? If so, watch these videos.

Windows Install Help

Mac Install Help

Green Clothing Recovery Tutorial Thumbnail

NEW – EZ Green Screen 6 Green Clothing Recovery!

There is a new green on green recovery system in EZ Green Screen Studio 6. You can quickly recover green clothing in most images in a few seconds without any manual brushing.

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EZ green Screen user interface tutorial thumbnail

EZ Green Screen User Interface Overview

Watch this tutorial first. It shows the basic features of the EZ green Screen user interface. It does not cover details about any of the adjustments. It covers mainly the navigation of the UI.

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EZ green Screen user interface tutorial thumbnail

Select and Recover Green Foreground Area

The #1 requested new software feature is here! We have received hundreds of requests for an easy way to lasso a green area and add it back into the foreground. EZ Green Screen 5 can do that!

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yellow shirt spill correction tutorial thumbnail

Spill Correction with Yellow Clothing

The #2 requested new software feature….got that too! Many EZ Green Screen users have asked for a better way to deal with spill color shifting on yellow clothing. Version 5 makes yellow clothing painless to work with without sacrificing spill correction quality.

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edge hair blending tutorial thumbnail

Edge Hair Color and Lighting Blending

This is new feature is a GAME CHANGER! EZ Green Screen can now optimized stray hair color and brightness so you get a perfect blend into ANY background color.

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mask adjustment tutorial thumbnail

Transparency Mask Adjustments

This is a detailed tutorial covering the transparency mask software adjustments in EZ Green Screen 5. It covers both single mask and dual mask.

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user defined mask keep area tutorial thumbnail

User Defined Keep and Remove Mask Areas

EZ Green Screen 5 makes is easy to fix issues from the screen set up or lighting. It is simple to select and remove dark shadows on the screen. You can also recover reflected areas and other green areas on the foreground.

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spill correction tutorial thumbnail

Spill Correction Explained

Spill Correction done right! This lesson covers all of the spill correction adjustments. It explains the difference between the spill correction opacity and the spill color range. Once you understand these adjustments, you can fix any spill issues.

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green jersey extraction tutorial thumbnail

Green on Green

It’s not that difficult! Were you were feeling brave and shot some chroma green colored shirts against a green screen? If so, you must see this tutorial. This can’t be done as a “1 click” extraction. However, the technique for this is fairly simple and you can do these in a couple of minutes. Best of all, with this method, the image will KEEP spill correction where it is needed.

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green screen composition tutorial thumbnail

Creating Composition Images

This lesson shows how to add backgrounds in EZ Green Screen. Also, you will learn how to move, scale, and adjust the image lighting inside of the plugin.

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chroma key screen color analysis tutorial thumbnail

Chroma Key Screen Color Analysis

EZ Green Screen can now do an analysis of the color of your screen. You can easily see if the color and lighting is optimal for either blue screen or green screen.

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Green Clothing Recovery Tutorial Thumbnail

NEW – EZ Green Screen 6.5 Extension Panel!

For CC 2018.1 and higher, there is now an additional Extension Panel. This is an additional workflow panel for post extraction editing. Note: The normal plugin filter is still compatible with CS5 and higher. Only the additional extension requires CC 2018.1 or higher.

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