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EZ Green Screen 5 Plugin is Released!

CC 2018 Update: Latest release is 100% compatible. Download update below.

Software Requirements

Photoshop: CS5 or higher required
Operating System: Mac or Windows - All Versions

Use the download for a trial version or to upgrade your install.
Notes: The demo mode will have a grid watermark.
Upgrading from versions 3 or 4 requires an upgrade purchase.

Plugin Current Version: 5.3.4

Install Help Links: Windows Help Mac Help


Purchase License Key

New User License

Price: $199.99

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Upgrade License

Price: $99.99

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Bulk Licensing

We offer discounts for bulk licenses. We will also give you a credit to upgrade your standard license.

For bulk licensing - call 239-284-9199

Licensing: Since our products are Photoshop plugins, our licensing is set to match exactly how Photoshop licensing works. Each license key can be installed on 2 computers. It can be 1 PC and 1 Mac if you choose, or 2 of the same. You can also transfer the license when you switch to a new computer.

License Upgrade Information: Upgrade purchases require a version 3 or 4 license to activate. You will need to enter your prior license key the first time you activate the software. After activation, the new EZ Green Screen 5 serial is upgraded to a full license. For future activations, you won’t need to enter the prior serial key.

EZ Green Screen 5 will NOT affect version 3 and 4 installations or activations. Prior versions will still run and activate normally.

Each version 3 or 4 license key may be upgraded one time. A prior version two computer license can be upgrade to either a two or four computer license. Also, prior four computer license can be upgraded to either license as well. The prior license version will retain the original number of computers. For example, if you have a four computer EZ Green Screen 4 license and upgrade to a two computer EZ Green Screen 5 license then your prior EZ Green Screen 4 license will remain a four computer license.

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